Artist Intelligence

How does this benefit me?
Ear Jelly and Artist Intelligence have teamed up to offer labels, publicists, music supervisors and independent artists a special opportunity to have songs tested by our international “MusicLovers” panel for FREE.
What is Artist Intelligence?
Offering in-depth surveys and predictive reporting, the Artist Intelligence platform is the culmination of 40 years of audience measurement, music analytics and hit forecasting. Artist Intelligence was developed by Music Research whose predictive “Record Test” reports have served leading music industry companies and individuals since 1974.
Which songs are eligible for a FREE test?
Ear Jelly carefully reviews all submissions, and if your song meets our criteria, we will reach out to you. Additionally, songs on our “Weekly Top Five” playlists are automatically eligible.
What does a report look like?
What is the normal price for this Report?
We extend this free opportunity to songs that rank high on Ear Jelly. The MusicLovers Report normally costs $149. However, if you’d like to submit a song directly for testing, we do offer a special discount of $99 for all who register.
How do I participate?
1) Register
2) Submit your song

(Details will be sent to you upon registration.)