Who We Are


Ear Jelly empowers artists, labels, and PR companies.

With over 25 years of active service producing content for the arts, music & entertainment industry, Ear Jelly is dedicated to the future of music. The Ear Jelly brand seeks to entertain and inform, adhering to a strict code of ethics. Whether established or green, Ear Jelly plays no favorites; respecting all who dedicate themselves to the creation, production, distribution and publicity of all music genres.

Ear Jelly additionally develops new media aimed at effectively producing, managing and delivering content via publishing channels, social media and software platforms. The company actively leverages strategic industry partnerships to create mutually beneficial business relationships based on trust and respect.


Publicity/Labels: 42 West, Almost Famous PR, Ashton-Magnuson Media, Atlantic Records, Auteur Research, BBE Music, Beast PR, Beatnik PR, Behind The Curtains Media, Benny Tarantini PR, Big Beat Records, Big Picture Media, Captured Tracks, Clarion Call Media, DIM MAK, DL Media Music, Drag City Records, Earshot Media, Ella May Morrison, Etage Noir Recordings, Exploding In Sound, Fancy PR, Father/Daughter Records, FR PR, GetIn PR, Goldenvoice, Grandstand Media, HighRise PR, Hive Mind PR, Infectious PR, Involved Management, Liberty Music PR, Listen Up PR, Locamotive, LPR Agency, Magnum PR, Memphia, Milestone Publicity, Mixmash Records, Musical Freedom Records, Nasty Little Man, Neighborhood PR, New West Records, Ninja Tune, No Big Deal PR, OCESA, PIAS, Planetary Group, Plexi PR, Press Here Publicity, Prime Group PR, Rama Lama Records, Reckoning PR, Stache Media, Neighbourhood PR, Red Bull Records, Red Music, Relapse Records, Rephlektor PR, Republic Records, Reybee, Riot Act Media, Rogers Cowan, Sacks & Co, Shark Party Media, Sideways Media, Sony Music, Soundchecked, Spinnin’ Records, SROPR, Stunt Company, Suicide Squeeze Records, Sweiss PR, Terrorbird Media, The Confluence Group, The DFM, The Subvert Agency, Top Button Digital, Topshelf Records, Total Assault, Transmission Publicity, UG Strategies, Universal Music Group, Warner Records, Warner Music Group, Wilful Publicity, With Love PR, Zignia Live


A lifestyle media company & magazine, based in Los Angeles. Website: http://citizenla.com

A music research and predictive analytics platform. Website: http://artistintell.com
A fashion forward magazine, based in Los Angeles. Please visit us at http://ferrvor.com for more information.


We are open to any idea that benefits the music industry and all parties involved. We take all communication very seriously, and try to respond to all requests, questions and suggestions. Please do not send blanket marketing propaganda solicitations or you will be blacklisted. Most importantly, we are here to listen to YOU.